and Frames

*All-Hand Made by Amish Craftsman,

    never using electricity,

    or any electrical tools,

    one at a time,

    in Northern Maine

We believe in quality, 

  customer service,

  ethical standards, and

  100% customer satisfaction

Please understand that we are not the fastest guy's in town, we don't use phones, so sometimes we are slow compared to others.  We do have an English partner that has a phone, and connected to the internet, but he is old and slow as well!

In our test lab, we are experimenting with the traditional AZ hive sizes--Slovenian size.

For now, all of our hives and frames fit Langstroth size--but stay tuned as we experiment.

Hives and frames can be picked up in Maine and Florida.







Our NEW pipe entrance Hive

Original exterior facing hive


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